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Insurance included

Prepaid Stay – Insurance included!

The NEW innovative solution for your prepaid stays!

We are proud to be the first to offer an insured stay included in the rate!!

By choosing the NON REFUNDABLE INSURED (payment in advance at the moment of the reservation) you will be entitled of a 15% discount without any risk!!

Included with the reservation you will get an insurance policy that will cover you and your close relative for any unforesee!!

cancellations plus a full Health Insurance, Lost Luggage, Roadside Assistance, extention of stay for serious event such as injury or illness comprehensive health insurance accident during the stay, on-site ambulance, hospitalization and more…

To take advantage of the policy you will need to provide names and date of birth of each person that will occupy the accommodation.

The policy will only being valid if you provide all the details required from the reservation and will be active 24h after that the booking was made.



Insurance policy included

All travelers benefit from a Europ Assistance insurance policy offered by the Accommodation for the following warrantees:

Medical Assistance
* Medical Consultation
* Sending of a Doctor or Ambulance in Italy
* Referral of a medical specialist abroad
* Medical repatriation
* Transportation of remains
* Repatriation of the other insured individuals
* Travel of a family member
* Accompaniment of minors
* Repatriation of the convalescent insured
* Prolongation of the stay
* Information and referral of corresponding medicines abroad
* Availability of interpreter while abroad
* Advance costs of basic needs (applies only to those insured who are resident in Italy)
* Early repatriation
* Advance costs of bail while abroad (applies only to those insured who are resident in Italy)
* Referral of a lawyer abroad
* Sending of urgent messages
Vehicle Assistance
* Roadside assistance
* Depannage
Assistance to family members staying at home
* Medical Consultation
* Sending of a Doctor or Ambulance in Italy

Following injury and/or sudden illness, Europ Assistance will reimburse the medical, pharmaceutical and hospital care expenses that the Insured has to bear for urgent care or interventions received on the spot during the trip for the following maximum coverage of:
Italy: € 500,00
Europe and Mediterranean: € 3.000,00
World: € 5.000,00

For all refunds, a fixed deductible of € 50.00 will be applied per Insured.

Europ Assistance provides compensation for damage to baggage and personal effects that the Insured brought at the beginning of the trip, including clothing, resulting from theft, burglary, robbery, theft, loss, loss and damage for a maximum coverage of € 500.00 per person in Italy, Europe and countries of the Mediterranean basin, World.

If the Insured Party should need to cancel or alter the trip booked, for reasons or events that can objectively be documented and could not be foreseen at the time of confirming travel, affecting:
– the Insured Party him/herself directly and/or his/her family members;
– the joint-owner of the associated firm/business directly;
Europ Assistance will reimburse the penalty, applied contractually by the Accommodation:
– to the Insured Party
and provided that the insured and inscribed in the same practice
– to live-in family members;
– to one of the Travel Companions.

If several insured parties are registered to travel together at the same time, for lack of any other persons of the same family nucleus living with the Insured Party, the latter shall specify a single person as his/her “Travel Companion”.

Europ Assistance will reimburse in full the penalty charged to the Insured up to the limit of the competition stipulated in the contract with the Accommodation, per Insured and the travel destination. as provided for in section 1 “SUBJECT OF THE INSURANCE”, in case of cancellation more sure subscribers to the trip together and simultaneously, the reimbursement will be paid up to an amount equal to the sum of the competition insured limits per Insured, but with the maximum total indicated in section “DETERMINATION OF THE MAXIMUM COVERAGE”.

Europ Assistance reimburses the cancellation penalty:

1. in the event of a change and/or forced renunciation of travel caused by hospitalisation (excluding day hospital and accident & emergency) or death; the penalty will be reimbursed without applying any excess;

2. in the event of renunciation not caused by hospitalisation or death, the penalty will be refunded with the application of a deductible amount equal to 20% of the total penalty; if the penalty should exceed the maximum cover, the deductible amount will be calculated on the latter.
It is agreed that the calculation of the reimbursement will be equivalent to the percentages existing as at the date on which the event took place (Art. 1914 of the Italian Civil Code). Therefore, if the Insured Party should cancel the trip after the event, any greater penalty will be at his/her expense.

a) The guarantee excludes cases of renunciation caused by:
b) injury, illness or death occurring prior to confirmation of travel;
b) Pre-existing illnesses at the time the travel was confirmed;
c) nervous, mental, neuropsychiatric and psychosomatic disorders;
d) state of pregnancy or consequent pathological situations in cases where conception was prior to the date on which travel was booked;
e) employment purposes other than those guaranteed;
f) the cases in which the Insured did not inform the travel organization or agency or even Europ Assistance directly of the formal waiver to the travel and/or accommodation booked, within five calendar days from the occurrence of the cause of the cancellation itself;
g) theft, robbery, loss of identification and/or travel documents;
h) the cases in which the Insured did not send the notification by the date of commencement of travel or accommodation if at the end of the five days referred to in paragraph f) falls after the date of commencement of the journey and/or accommodation.

The warranty is also not due for accidents caused by or due to:
i) war, earthquakes, weather phenomena that lend themselves to natural disasters, transmutation of the nucleus of the atom, radiation caused by the artificial acceleration of atomic particles;
j) strikes, revolutions, riots or popular movements, looting, acts of terrorism and vandalism;
k) malice by the Insured.
l) deposits and advance payments were not justified by penalty tax statements.
They are not considered penalty statements the deposits, advances and / or other similar documents.

In the event of a change and/or forced renunciation of travel or rental, the Insured Party must:
– within five calendar days of the onset of the cause of the renunciation and in any case before the travel start date, make a declaration – by accessing the portal https://sinistrionline.europassistance.it and following the instructions (or accessing the website www.europassistance.it, claims section, directly) or must send a fax to, with a written declaration addressed to: Ufficio Liquidazione Sinistri (Annullamento Viaggio) (Claims Liquidation Office (Travel Cancellation)) – Europ Assistance Italia S.p.A. – Piazza Trento, 8 – 20135 Milan, specifying:
– first name, last name, address, telephone number, tax code;
– Europ Assistance card number
– the reason for the cancellation or change;
– place at which the Insured Party or persons causing the cancellation (family member, joint-owner of the associated firm/business) can be contacted;
If the renunciation and/or change to travel or rental is caused by illness and/or injury, the declaration must also specify:
– the type of pathology;
– the pathology start and end.

Within 15 days of the above declaration, the Insured Party must also provide Europ Assistance Italia S.p.A. with the following documents:
– copy of the Europ Assistance card if held by the Insured Party;
– original documentation able to provide objective proof of the cause of renunciation/change;
– documentation showing the connection between the Insured Party and any party causing the renunciation;
– in the event of illness or injury, medical certificate stating the date of the injury or onset of the illness, the specific diagnosis and days’ prognosis;
– in the event of hospitalisation, a true copy of the original medical record;
– in the event of death, the death certificate;
– travel registration card or similar document;
– receipts (deposit, balance, penalty) of payment of the travel or rental;
– billing statement of confirmation as issued by the Accommodation;
– invoice of the Accommodation in relation to the penalty charged;
– travel confirmation contract.

If a penalty is charged by the airline carrier/shipping company:
– confirmation of purchase of ticket or similar document;
– receipt of ticket payment;
– copy of the cancelled air or ship tickets documenting the amounts charged to the customer.

Europ Assistance has the right to gain possession of travel and/or lease documents not used by the Insured Party.

Breach of the obligations relating to the declaration of the Claim may result in the loss of a right to Indemnity, in accordance with Art. 1915 of the Italian Civil Code.


The Insured Party releases any doctors, who may be appointed to examine the claim and who examined him before or after the claim, from constraints to professional secrecy with regards to Europ Assistance.


For the “Cancellation of Travel” the maximum coverage is the following:

Value of the stay booked which regardless may never be higher than Euro 7,000.00 per Insured and for travel destination and Euro 15,000.00 per practice.


The policyholder’s insurance will run from midnight on the day of booking the trip and lasts until the start of the trip, meaning the beginning of the journey when the individual Insured would have presented themselves at the departure station or at the time of the first check-in at the airport or at least until the first use of the service provided for by the contract..


If necessary, wherever you are and at any time, the Europ Assistance Organisational Structure is operative 24 hours a day.

The specialised staff of the Organisational Structure is at your complete disposal, ready to intervene or inform you of the most appropriate procedures by which to solve any problem in the best possible way, as well as to authorise any expenses.

IMPORTANT: do not take any initiative without first having telephoned the Organisational Structure at:


The following information must be provided:

– Type of service requested

– Name and surname

– Europe Assistance card number

– Address of the place where the Insured is located

– Telephone number

If you are unable to call the Organisational Structure, you can send: a fax to or a telegram to EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.p.A. – Piazza Trento, 8 – 20135 MILAN

In order to provide the services/guarantees given in the Policy, Europ Assistance must process the data of the Insured Party and to this end requires, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (the Privacy Code) your consent. In contacting or having Europ Assistance contacted, the Insured Party therefore gives free consent to the processing of his common, sensitive and legal personal data, as indicated in the Privacy Disclosure received.

The text of the warrantees and benefits referred to in points 1, 2, 3, and 4 are to be considered purely indicative.

Prior to subscribing, make sure all the tour participants read the Terms of Insurance which will be delivered by Accommodation.